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What type of fence do I need for my swimming pool?

For more information on the regulations surrounding swimming pools, see the information on our Brochures page. It’s also important to check what your local authority requires, so make sure you visit their website or contact the council offices. We often work with council pool inspectors and are happy to liaise directly with them on your behalf.

What can I do to prevent tagging on my fence?

We recommend Graffiti Guard to deal with vandalism on solid fences. Town and Around Fence & Gate does not supply this service, but we are happy to put you in touch with your nearest provider of Graffiti Guard.

Why do you insist on steel posts and frames for timber gates?

Timber is a natural product that will warp and shift slightly once it’s exposed to the weather. This can result in gates that twist and droop out of alignment. By adding steel posts (and steel framing for timber gates) we provide extra stability and durability at a very reasonable cost.

Will I have to paint my metal fence?

Our metal fences are supplied with either a galvanised or aluminium finish, or else powder-coated from the workshop, so they do not need painting and maintenance on site. We can supply a touch-up kit so you can deal with any scratches and minor touch-up jobs as required.

How is my timber fence protected from rot?

All timber we supply is CCA treated in line with current regulations. Components above the ground are treated to H3.2 while those below the ground are treated to H4 or H5.

Do you supply and install the cabling for automated gate systems?

You can either arrange for an electrician to run the necessary cabling or we can arrange this for you.

Can you meet with the council inspector to work out what I need?

Yes. We’re very happy to come on site and discuss what’s required with local authority inspectors. In fact, we recommend this, to avoid misunderstandings and delays with your project.

What guarantees do you offer?

Please see our warranties page.

Do I need resource consent for my fence or gate?

Any fence over 2 metres high will need council consent.

I live outside Auckland. Can you supply and install my new fence and gate?
If you have a major commercial project outside the greater Auckland region, we’re happy to travel. For residential projects, we can deliver nationwide and you can arrange installation locally. Shipping costs are not included.

Can you supply fences and gates to the Pacific Islands?
Yes – we’re happy to design and provide custom fabrications for high quality grave surrounds and other projects in the Pacific. We will supply product to your freight or shipping company. Shipping costs are not included.